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Go to Center Mezzanine for updated content on MusiColour, as well as my new blog on listening to music!


The MusiColour Project

“We believe when people become more aware of the remarkable connections that can be made with music and art, experiencing both on a deeper level, and gaining a stronger appreciation for them invariably follows […]. For the spring exhibition, we plan to ask local governments and store owners for wall space outside their buildings in popular areas such as Little 5 Points and Marietta Square.”

The MusiColour project has been officially launched! Please check out the MusiColour Project page to learn more. Want to get involved? Email us at

“MusiColour, the synthetic technique of combining visual arts and music through the integration of tones and colours, introduces a deeper level of interdisciplinary thinking. Matching each colour to a pitch allows for the accomplishment of a practical goal: turning artwork into music and vice versa. Enriching critical thinking and encouraging a deeper understanding of both art forms separately and together defines the most fundamental purpose of this document.”

The MusiColour team invites you to read the full description of what MusiColour is on the “MusiColour: A Comparative study of Visual Arts and Music” page on the top of the site