We believe when people become more aware of the remarkable connections that can be made with music and art, experiencing both on a deeper level, and gaining a stronger appreciation for them invariably follows. The building of connections and practicing of abstract thinking leads to a more aware and enjoyable take on culture as well as every day life. We at the MusiColour team want to promote thinking, observing and most importantly, passion and inspiration. MusiColour gives artists and musicians the chance to collaborate and explore new theories and concepts that originally didn’t pertain to their art form, and gives non-artists the option to explore the music and art culture deeper.

We plan to assemble a team of artists who want to experiment with painting music, and a team of musicians who express interest in translating songs into guidelines for the artists, and have them collaborate to produce several pieces over the summer. For the spring exhibition, we plan to ask local governments and store owners for wall space outside their buildings in popular areas such as Little 5 Points and Marietta Square. The MusiColour artwork will be displayed for the public to view on large colourful posters around town and hopefully will attract support so in following exhibitions more people will have the urge to offer their support and help the movement grow.

The artwork created over summer will be photographed and sent to a printing firm so several copies of each piece can be placed up throughout the city. The original artwork will be held in anticipation for the possibility of an official art exhibition in a museum around town.

If you would like to become a part of the MusiColour team please email us at themusicolourproject@gmail.com. You don’t have to be an artist or musician to get involved.